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​​​​​​​Week of the Classics 2024
International lectures

  • 5 april 8PM: Dr. Maeve McHugh (University of Birmingham) Aesop’s Fables as Agricultural Wisdom in Classical Greece ​​​​​​​

  • 7 april 8PM: Dr. Roel Konijnendijk (University of Oxford) - Geography and Greek Warfare

  • 13 April 8PM: Dr. Carolyn Willekes (Mount Royal University, Canada) - A Transformative Partnership: Humans and Horses in the Classical World

  • 14 April 3PM: Prof. Dr. Jason König (University of St Andrews) - The Folds of Olympus: Humans and Mountains in Ancient Greek and Roman Culture

See the museum website for abstracts (in Dutch) of each lecture.
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